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Hi, thanks for your interest in clubfitting, and thanks for stopping by Gibson's Golfworks. Here I will give you the condensed fitting procedure. There's a bit more to it than this, but this should point you in the right direction anyway. I liken each clubbing l perform to putting a picture puzzle together. We put all of YOUR specific pieces together and the final product is YOUR unique "fitting picture". We can't build the perfect set of clubs for you until we know what your "picture'' is supposed to look like. That final picture is made up of about 20 or so pieces. The only way to properly determine the correct pieces to YOUR clubfitting puzzle is through a performance-based fitting session, along with effective communication between yourself and your CERTIFIED & QUALIFIED clubfitter. Since we all differ in ability, stature and strength, we all cannot use the "standard???'' off-the-rack golf clubs and expect to play to our potential, or improve for that matter.

Our goal through one of these "performance-based'' fittings is to get you into a golf club that will produce
the highest percentage of on-center ball contact.
tightest shot dispersion/accuracy,
the most consistent performance/distance, and
the best FEEL for the golfer.

For irons, I have approximately 160 different shafts that I can inter-change with any one of about 35 different 6-iron heads - that gives us a possible 5600 combinations of head/shaft we can test with. Why do I have so many? The shafts range anywhere from 40 grams up to 140 grams of weight, graphite, steel, various flexes, and several different lengths we can test the golfer with. It all matters! Out of the lot, there will be one (perhaps two) that FEEL and perform better this all the others. lf length, flex, and weight were not critical, I could get by with only one fitting shaft. We observe the same phenomenon with clubheads - Once we determine the ideal length, flex, and weight of shah for you, then we start testing different clubhead design. There is always a particular design that you will hit better, and FEELS better to you the the others. The only way to detente this is to test with them. Many people don't realize that if you change shaft weight by 5 or even 10 grams, it can change how you swing the club, and how the club performs for you. The same holds true for shaft flex - if we change shaft flex by "half a flex", It can change how the club performs, and how a it feels in your hands. It's all about details, details, and more details. What works for you likely isn't the same combination that will work for your neighbor. Each of us has our own unique clubfitting "puzzle picture". We use some high-tech equipment to help us acquire data, and of course feedback from the golfer. By the time we're done, hopefully you are a believer in custom clubfitting too. Fittings on average can take anywhere between 2.5 - 4 hours to complete (sometimes even more).

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