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I would like to address the basis of my pricing for the viewer of my web site who may be considering custom fit golf clubs and scheduling a fitting appointment. Since I have experience, qualifications, certificates, tools and equipment, I'm able to offer value-added services which increase both the value and the price of the product I offer. My typical graphite shafted set of irons are priced from $900 to $1350, steel shafted iron sets are around $150 less. Individual drivers start from $335, and the avg. price of my custom fit drivers are around $350-$365. However, sometimes the use of a very evasive driver shaft, like a Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana might add up to $200 more.

First: I use the highest quality and highest technology club heads, shafts, grips, club making tools and fitting equipment including one swing analyzer, a FlightScope 3D Doppler Radar Launch Monitor and 2 Trajectory Shaft Software Programs.

Second: Golfers are fitted for optimal specifications. Fittings average two to three hours, sometimes more. Clubs are built to exact specifications with the tightest tolerances using Moment of Inertia (MOI) matching. Shafts are matched using a precise frequency analyzer. Shafts are spined and FLO’d several times during the building of each golf club. Club beads are weight sorted and adjusted for loft and lie. After sale services are included in the price as well.

Third: I'm more interested in building long term customer satisfaction and relations than in making a quick sale. lf any customer has a problem with his or her golf clubs. I will do everything possible to adjust them to work is promised; including reshafting, changing grips, adjusting lofts and lies, and even changing heads.

Ultimately, I compete on quality and services provided not on price. I provide not only first-rate service end products but help golfers who come to me, lower their golf scores.

Lowering your golf score – what would you pay?

My Quality Assurance to YOU:

Today virtually all golf club heads are produced in Asia. Most of them are produced in China. We understand that there are only a small number of forging plants and casting plants that produce the vast majority of the heads for the well known brands you are familiar with. The brands I use and sell are also produced in some of the same forging plants and casting plants right beside the famous name brands you know about. It is not uncommon to see the heads of a number of the famous brands side by side in the same foundries because all of a company's heads are not always produced in the same place. If demand is high enough they may be sent to more than one place to be produced to meet the demand. These are the brands you buy in the Big Box Stores and Golf Shops across the Nation and see advertised heavily on TV and in Golf Publications. Many of the heads I use are manufactured in these very same foundries and casting plants, but with a lower tolerance for errors in weight, loft, lie and groove depth and consistency. The heads I use have tighter tolerances in every aspect of measurement and are designed by some of the best designers in the world. Many of these heads I use have been listed in Golf Digest Hot List and many of them are played on Professional Tours around the world every day. I assure you that you are not sacrificing in quality with the clubs I build for you, you are getting a higher quality product than any mass produced golf club you can buy on the open market.

Construction Quality of Our Clubs

I do not mass produce my golf clubs. All of my clubs are built by me using the most advanced techniques to insure consistency and maximum performance throughout the set. I use flex matching techniques and performance enhancements for shafts taught by Association of Golf Clubfitting Professional Masters of Golf Club Technology to assure that my clubs play as near as possible to perfectly made products as humanly possible. It takes up to 6 to 8 hours to build each set of clubs and to process the shafts and heads and adjust each club to weight, flex and balance so that each club in the set is matched to the other clubs in the set. I do not build my custom clubs by factory specifications, I exceed factory standards by a wide margin to increase the performance of your golf clubs. My building methods insure you get more precise and more consistent golf shots throughout the set.

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